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One of the most important things you can do for your acoustic guitar or electric for that matter, is to keep it in a humidity controlled environment. Here in Arizona it is extremely dry so having a good humidifier is very important. In locations with higher humidity you would need a dehumidifier and depending on your climate you may need a humidifier as well. When I lived in Virginia for example I had both a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the room where I kept my guitars. There are other ways to maintaining the proper humidity. According to Bob Taylor at Taylor Guitars they build their guitars in a controlled environment at 46% humidity. Bob Taylor recommends maintaining the humidity at 45 to 50% humidity. Martin Guitars build there guitars in similar conditions. Here is an excerpt from page 18 of a Martin Guitar magazine: “C. F. Martin guitars are built in a carefully controlled environment with temperature between 68° and 72°F, and relative humidity between 45 and 50%. Both of these ranges are considered ideal for premium guitars, both in building and in general use. While ideal is – well – ideal, most guitars can handle relative humidity between approximately 40 to 60% and temperature between approximately 35° to 95°F without much problem. However, leave a guitar in an environment that exceeds either of those ranges and damage becomes a real possibility.”

Another important thing is to keep your guitar clean and change your strings. Nothing is worse than a dirty guitar with dead strings! It is almost impossible to keep your guitar in tune with dead strings. It can be very frustrating changing strings. Too many wraps, not enough wraps and the strings slip. After many years of playing guitar and changing strings I found the Taylor Guitar method to be the best and fastest way to changing strings. You get perfect wraps every time no matter electric or acoustic guitar. It does take a little practice. I clean my fret board every other string change. I use Taylor Guitar Fret board Cleaner and Dunlop 65 Fret board Lemon oil. Of course you wouldn’t use any fret board cleaner on a Maple fret board. The best way to wipe down your guitar after playing is The Guitar Rag. The Guitar Rag is very soft and made from 100% cotton flannel. Plus they look awesome! Pick one up today at our store where your checkout will be secure.

Thanks for reading and keep playing that guitar!

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